Public Entities Trust Marmero LAw

What do public entities look for when they choose a law firm to handle their legal needs? There are a few factors that may be considered, like cost and availability. One of the biggest considerations, and arguably the most important, is experience.

Marmero Law has the experience that many municipalities trust to handle the sensitive legal need of the local government. These services include:

    • Serving as Solicitor for municipalities such as Deptford Township, Deptford School Board, Eastampton Township, Riverside Township, Township of Galloway, Edgewater Sewer Authority  and Gloucester County Insurance Commission
    • Representing Deptford Township, Borough of Clementon, Eastampton Township, Pittsgrove Township, Fairfield and Northfield Township, City of Millville, City of Bridgeton, Cumberland County Utilities Authority, Cumberland County Improvement Authority, Cumberland County Technical Education Center, Rowan College of SJ, Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Neptune Sewerage Authority as Labor and Employment Solicitors
    • Representing City of Bridgeton, City of Wildwood, Washington Township, Wall Township and Matawan as Special Counsel
    • Representing Cumberland County Improvement Authority, Cumberland County Empowerment Zone as Special Projects Attorney
    • Serving as Litigation Attorney for Deptford Township, and Cumberland County
    • Serving as Conflict Attorney for Franklin Township, and Cumberland County Improvement Authority
    • Serving as Defense Counsel for the Camden County Insurance Commissions, New Jersey Housing Authority JIF and New Jersey Utilities Authority JIF
    • Representing Deptford Township, City of Burlington and Burlington County Insurance Fund Commission as Workman’s Compensation Defense Attorney
    • Serving as General Liability Defense Counsel for Burlington County Insurance Fund Commission
    • Representing Deptford Township, Riverside Township, Eastampton Township and City of Lambertville as their COAH Attorneys
    • Serving as Redevelopment Attorneys for Deptford Township,  Riverside Township, City of Wildwood
    • Representing Washington Township as Municipal Utilities Solicitor, Deptford Township as their Municipal Utilities Authority Conflict Solicitor, Riverside Municipal Utilities Authority as Solicitor and Labor Attorney and Cumberland County Utilities Authority as Solicitor and Labor Attorney
    • Serving as In Rem Foreclosure Solicitor for Deptford Township, Township of Willingboro, Riverside Township, City of Bridgeton, City of Millville and Maurice River
    • Serving as Tax Foreclosure Attorney for Fairfield Township, Egg Harbor City and City of Wildwood
    • Serving as Tax Appeal Attorney for Riverside Township, Borough of Keyport, Borough of Bound Brook and Lake Como
    • Representing Camden County as the VRO Attorney and their Condemnation Attorney
    • Representing Delaware River Port Authority as Legal Counsel
    • Serving as Outside Legal Counsel for Bergen County
    • Representing Bergen County Improvement Authority as Special Litigation Counsel Pool
    • Representing Borough of Matawan Special Counsel Pool
    • Serving as Attorney Pool and Prosecutor for Township of Brick
    • Serving as Alternate Prosecutor for Lakewood and Red Bank
    • Serving as Civil Commitment Attorney Burlington County

Marmero Law also currently represents several Education Institutions including Bridgeton Board of Education, Vineland Board of Education, Deptford Board of Education, Camden’s Promise Charter School, Benjamin Banneker Prep School and Bright Horizon Charter School.